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How to Qualify for a Study

How to Qualify for a TCDD Research Study

Enrollment in 3 Easy Steps:

"Call, Come, Consent"

Step 1: Call Us

Participate in an initial telephone evaluation by calling:


Step 2: Come Visit Our Clinic

After completing your initial telephone evaluation, you will most likely be scheduled for an initial pre-screening appointment.

This pre-screening appointment should take approximately 30 minutes, and you will in most cases receive:

  • Height and Weight Measurements

  • A Brief Medical History and Current Medication Review

  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Measurements

  • Eligibility Determination by the Medical Staff

Just Send us your message our staff will contact you soon.

Step 3: Consent to Participate

If you qualify to be enrolled in one of our clinical research studies, you will be presented with an informed consent form for the study in which you wish to participate.

The consent form will provide information on the study procedures, investigational medication, financial compensation, and other study-related topics. You will be given the opportunity to review the consent form thoroughly and to ask the research staff and physicians any questions that you may have. If you still wish to participate both you and a research staff member will sign the consent form, and you will be provided a copy to take home with you.

After consenting to participate in the study, further evaluations will take place to assess your eligibility to participate in the study. These additional evaluations may include:

Qualified participants will receive, at no cost, all study-related:

  • Laboratory Tests

  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs)

  • Physical Examinations and Medical Care

  • Investigational Medication

  • Compensation for Time and Travel

Transportation may also be provided, and Medical Insurance is not necessary to participate.

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