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Diltiazem belongs to the first generation of calcium channel blockers. This drug was obtained in the 60s of the twentieth century and retains its value to the present day (it is called the first generation drug or the prototype drug).

What is the effect of Cardizem?

The antianginal effect is due to an improvement in the blood supply to the myocardium and a decrease in its oxygen demand.

What is angina pectoris?

Exertional angina is pain in the region of the heart and one of the symptoms of ischemic heart disease. The cause of pain in angina pectoris is pathological narrowing of the coronary vessels by 50–70% as a result of atherosclerosis.

But the absence of atherosclerosis does not mean that you are 100% protected from angina pectoris. The reason that causes an attack of angina pectoris may be another, not related to the disease atherosclerosis:

angiospasm and gastrointestinal pathology;

infectious-allergic and rheumatoid vascular lesions;

reflex cardiospasms.

Living with angina pectoris is possible.

Exertional angina is a disease, the main symptom of which is periodic attacks of deterioration in the blood supply to the heart muscle. Attacks are characterized by severe pressing or burning pain after exercise or stress. This significantly worsens the quality of human life, many patients suffering from this ailment believe that life is over. But is it? Definitely not.

Medicines prescribed by a doctor will certainly make a person less sick. But without their own efforts, they will not have the same effect as you expect, and angina pectoris will continue to progress.

First of all, with angina pectoris, daily physical activity is necessary. Suddenly? Of course, you should not overexert yourself, the intensity of the exercise should be such that you can talk while doing it. However, moderate physical activity, especially walking in the fresh air, slows down the development of atherosclerosis, trains the heart muscle, helps to normalize blood pressure, and improves blood circulation. In addition, one should not forget that people who lead an active lifestyle are less susceptible to stress factors, which is extremely important for angina pectoris. But to achieve the effect, physical activity must be regular. If you do this "from time to time", it will not be beneficial. Cycling is also useful, with obesity it is better to give preference to swimming. But lifting weights, and other similar activities for angina pectoris are not recommended, because, on the contrary, they cause ischemia. And it should be remembered that when chest pain appears, you need to immediately stop and sit down somewhere, not get up until the pain stops. If the pain persists on its own, take a nitroglycerin tablet.

Nutrition is another important factor. Eat more vegetables and fruits, cereals, lean meats and fish, skim milk, low-fat cheeses and yoghurts. Refuse fried foods, preferring boiled ones. Vegetable oils, walnuts, almonds are very useful. From sweet it is better to choose dark chocolate, low-fat yogurt. Such a diet normalizes the level of cholesterol, sugar, triglycerides in the blood, and also helps to get rid of excess weight, which will significantly reduce the rate of progression of atherosclerosis, and, consequently, the deterioration of your health.

Quitting smoking and alcohol, reducing excess weight will be useful not only for angina pectoris, but also for many other diseases, and even for a healthy person, since these are complex factors that affect the entire body, impairing the work of not only the heart, but also the lungs, liver , digestive tract, kidneys, brain. Obesity also harms the joints of the legs by putting undue stress on them.

Diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension are especially dangerous for angina pectoris. With an uncontrolled course, they greatly harm the vessels, thereby, among other things, worsening the course of angina pectoris, therefore it is necessary to control blood pressure, in the presence of hypertension, and sugar level, if you have diabetes, and in no case interrupt the intake of drugs prescribed against them by a doctor. If the drugs are not enough, you should contact the polyclinic at your place of residence, or any other outpatient clinic.

An established diagnosis of exertional angina is not a sentence to disability. If you follow these recommendations, in combination with medications prescribed by your doctor, you can live without suffering from regular chest pains. And remember: your health is in your hands!

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